Ithemba Lethu

Ithemba Lethu

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Métier donated funds to this NPO

Ithemba Lethu (“I have a destiny”) is a non-profit organization whose vision it is to restore destiny to orphaned/abandoned babies and children, and pre-adolescent school learners whose futures are at risk of being negatively impacted by the effects of HIV/AIDS in Durban, KZN, South Africa. Our donation contributed towards their Family Integration Programme which is the two transition homes that caters for up to 12 orphaned/abandoned children, facilitating reunification/adoption into families. We are proud to be associated with and privileged to contribute towards providing a foundation and safe haven for these children.

An excerpt taken from their website about the programme, “Children belong in families! They deserve to be raised as sons & daughters…Our hearts are to restore what God meant for the good! Babies and children who were left abandoned/orphaned and vulnerable, to love and nurture them into a loving, safe and forever family.”