Ingane Yami Childrens Village, Shongweni

||Ingane Yami Childrens Village, Shongweni

Ingane Yami Childrens Village, Shongweni

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Métier has donated concrete to this project

This is an on-going project which will see an entire village taking shape in the Shongweni area. The project will include the construction of a total of 25 homes to accommodate 150 previously disadvantaged and abandoned children, living together with a carefully selected “House Mother”. Other buildings include a Hall, Creche and ultimately a school.

An excerpt taken from the words of Mel Armstrong, a student teacher, who has dedicated a whole year to volunteering as the preschool teacher at the Village, reads: “In the first house I was met by this scene – a peaceful table of 7 people eating a delicious, homemade meal together, prepared by a mom who cared and loved for her little ones far beyond anything in this world. The warmth was so welcoming that I just wanted to stay. Little tummies that once were starving and malnourished and the mouths that knew no smiles were all part of this and the hearts that were once dark were know filled with a love that would never fade. It is a house of brick and concrete but in it is a family and it has been transformed into a home of life and love…”