Columba Leadership: Youth Leadership Training Facility

||Columba Leadership: Youth Leadership Training Facility

Columba Leadership: Youth Leadership Training Facility

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Donation from Métier Mixed Concrete (Pty) went towards the construction of a Youth Leadership training facility at the Nirox Art Foundation. The facility will service 40 schools a year from the most underserved communities across Gauteng.

The Nirox Youth Leadership training facility underway:

The Nirox Foundation and Columba Leadership’s come together to develop responsible leadership in African youth.

This unique combination offers the pedagogy of culture, conservation, community, and commerce to inspire young leaders from Gauteng’s most disadvantaged communities and equip them with skills for success in life and work. Nirox will manage and service the leadership residency and provide access to artists and their work as well as guided nature tours on the Nirox grounds and adjacent game reserve. Columba Leadership will conduct six days of values driven experiential learning at the leadership residency. This is part of the two year program which includes community engagement and youth mobilization to improve schools, the environment and communities. The facility will produce approximately 700 young leaders per year including 200 hundred educators from 45 schools in Gauteng and surrounding provinces.