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Métier Mixed Concrete recognises that the private sector plays a central role in the development and upliftment of our nation and that corporate social investment (CSI) is an important element of good corporate citizenship, alongside sustainability and good governance.

The needs that exist in many communities in South Africa present as daunting challenges and to this end, the company’s CSI initiatives are aimed at achieving and sustaining positive social development and upliftment of the communities we operate in.

Métier realizes that the biggest contribution it can make in breaking the poverty cycle is to invest in the education and support of our nation’s children. Therefore, in response to the needs and challenges of the communities within which it operates, Métier has demonstrated its commitment to being a caring company through the support of and effective involvement in relevant and sustainable community activities, with a focus on educational initiatives and early childhood development projects.

The company’s charitable donations have been aimed at building schools, crèches and orphan villages, as well as supporting other educational initiatives, such as the development of teachers and entrepreneurial development programmes.

Our CSI focus area is Early Childhood Development with a preference to donating the product we feel so strongly about, ready mix concrete.

Should this meet your needs then please feel free to submit a query.


Métier Mixed Concrete is well positioned as a market leader and will remain at the forefront of ready-mix concrete technology and innovation. The company will live up to its brand maxim of Service • Quality • Reliability • Right Now, and will continue to offer value-added partnerships with clients.