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mé·tier [met-yay, mair-tee-air]


1 – a field of work (occupation, trade, or profession) to which one is well suited, or in which one excels.
Origin – from the French, ultimately from Latin ministerium, “service, ministry or employment”.

Interested in a career at Métier?

Have you ever been a part of an environment that facilitates high productivity and delivers creative solutions in an exciting and dynamic way?

Métier has unique and intangible qualities that extend to our products, services and people. We offer technically superior products due to our highly skilled and dedicated team, who collectively have in excess of 100 years’ experience in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry.

We are proud of the relationships we have developed in all facets of our industry, especially those with our staff. Our leadership approach expects the best from them and this is reciprocated at the highest levels. We assess, train, develop and retain our staff in all areas to maintain our high standards – right here and now.

Joining our dynamic team means you are driven by our three cornerstones of Service, Quality and Reliability. The Métier Way dictates our uncompromising approach in everything we do, providing a superior all round experience for our customers and suppliers.

We are looking for talented individuals who are guided by high levels of integrity and who ‘fit’ the Métier brand; who are good at what they do; who can develop into role models and most importantly, who are uncompromising.

If you want to be a part of a legacy please proceed to fill in job applications below.


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Métier Mixed Concrete is well positioned as a market leader and will remain at the forefront of ready-mix concrete technology and innovation. The company will live up to its brand maxim of Service • Quality • Reliability • Right Now, and will continue to offer value-added partnerships with clients.